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#2Days1Bag: Road Trip with Ish

#2Days1Bag, a Timberland project

Timberland hits the road this spring, with a special Road Trip; an engaging campaign that reinforces Timberland’s position as the premier outdoor lifestyle brand.  Timberland are working with some of Europe’s most influential ‘Mark Makers’ to participate in the project. Entitled ‘Mark Makers: 2 Days 1 Bag, the Road Trip’, the concept involves the style ambassadors from 7 European countries documenting a unique trip where they are encouraged to “get lost” and feel in their Timberland element using the bespoke hashtags; #InMyElement, #2days1bag, to post the action!

#2Days1Bag: Road Trip with Ish

#2Days1Bag: Road Trip with Chima

#2Days1Bag: Road Trip with Bons Rapazes

#2Days1Bag: Road Trip with Peter Vives

#2Days1Bag: Road Trip with Le Barboteur